As I was scrolling down my Facebook newsfeed one day I stopped at an illustration of an innocent young girl. She was sitting with a scissor clipping in on her belly roll staring into a pile of photos of beautiful skinny women. I thought to myself, wow, this really defines the struggle of every woman in this world—her natural beauty versus media beauty. This led me to the creation of Muslimahlife.com.

Islam brings to the life of a woman modesty, respect, self-confidence, hope and relief. It brings her the ability to look at pop culture, smile and turn away because she knows that what Islam teaches her is better for her life and the hereafter. However, in the day in age that we live in this is easier said than done. The power of the media is so overwhelming—to the point that lies become truths and truths become lies.

Therefore, we, as Muslimah’s, must shape ourselves to become powerful, educated, eloquent, role model material for the world to admire and talk about. We need to build a powerhouse of strong Muslim women who will reshape media’s take on lifestyle and beauty.  I hope that InshaAllah through my blog I will be able to inspire and be inspired by Muslimah’s all over the world. Of course I will only be able to reach my goal with the help of all you lovely girls! Please join my campaign in making Modesty become the new beautiful!  

Oh! I almost forgot—a little about myself. My name is Arwa Al-Shujairi I am originally from Iraq, however, born and raised in America. Graduated from Rutgers University with a double major in Biological Science and Communication and went on to complete my Masters in Public Health. I worked at the Cancer Institute of New Jersey, Children’s Health Institute and Johnson and Johnson. At Johnson and Johnson a lot of my research was involved around women’s health. After marriage I moved out to the fancy, glitzy little city in the UAE, Dubai! I currently take on part-time work as a health promoter and health education advisor for private clients. The other part of my time is simply spent enjoying the best thing in my life and that is raising my daughter!


If you have any questions or just simple need a chat please feel free to email me at muslimah@muslimahlife.com. xoxo

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