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Wednesday, August 09, 2017


I miss blogging guys! Problem is I am always on the run between working, designing clothes and taking care of a family! So it's so hard to catch up! Anyways, I am back now into my normal routine of work and home and here I am. Hope you girls are enjoying your summer time! Mine came to end but alhamdulilah was so refreshing We went to Turkey for four days and than to the States to visit my parents for the rest of my summer break.

But can I just say Istanbul is... AWESOME!!!!!!!

My favorite city ever, and I don't think anything else can beat it. A mix of Europe and Asia all in one. A city packed with 20 million people, mashallah!

But the views, the history, the food...AMAZING.

A few people asked me what we did in Istanbul so here is my little break down of our trip:

Day 1:

Checked into Sultanhan Hotel in Fatih, Istanbul which is the Old City near to Hagia Sophia and Blue Mosque. Recommend the hotel, its a small boutique hotel but located in the perfect area!

Right after check in we went on the Bosphorus cruise which takes us between Asia and Europe. Check out the views:

 Beverly Hills of Istanbul

 Summer Palace of the Sultan

 Asia side of Istanbul

Next, we went to the Pierre Loti Hill, where we can view the shore of Golden Horn. It was breathtaking!

Golden Horn, Istanbul

Day 2:

We went to visit Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, and Tokpaki Palace, which are all walking distance from each other.  We than went to Taksim for dinner. 

Hagia Sophia

Blue Mosque

 Tokpaki Palace 
Tokpaki Palace- Majlis

View from Tokpaki Palace

Day 3:

Grand Bazaar and Turkish Hammam. The Hammam was so relaxing and refreshing after 3 days of running around Istanbul, highly recommend it.

Shopping for lights in Istanbul

Turkish Hammam with my beautiful daughter, Salma.

Day 4:

Shopping in Sisli, Istanbul and check out. 

They had some amazing sales on designer bags and shoes! And I took advantage!! A lot cheaper than New York and Dubai. 

Overall, alhamdulilah Istanbul was an amazing experience, filled with history, culture, amazing food and people! Has anyone been to Istanbul? Would love to hear your experience and your favorite place. Please comment below! 

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