Hottest trends for your Eid outfit!

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Eid this year may likely fall on September 1st, inshallah! Meaning it is time to gear up and figure out how to style an outfit for #eid2017.

Alhamdulilah, we are living in the era of Modest Fashion and we are so fortunate to have so many clothing options that are modest and trendy! We can also thank the amazing modest fashion bloggers/influencers who inspire us everyday!

Here are some trends this summer that work perfectly for an Eid outfit!

Blush Pink 

This color was so in this summer! I found it everywhere, abayas, dresses, kimonos, trousers, and skirts! It rocked and everyone that wore this color stood out on Instagram feeds, photos and even a party crowd. Here are some of my favorites:

This beautiful pleated pink dress is made by a Malaysian fashion house, Aere. So simple and elegant!

This blush pink abaya is absolutely stunning and so perfect for Eid! Made by a Turkish designer, Humeyra Official Fashion.


You would think floral would be the usual pattern of fabric worn in the summer, however, this year was definitely stripes!! Stripes everywhere, tops, bottoms and dresses everywhere. Here are some of my favorite striped outfits:

This beautiful linen dress has the trendy blue and white stripes and then trimmed on the bottom with a beautiful embroidery, made by Arwa Collection.

This beautiful top worn by Habibah Da Silva is from Zara! Super hijabi friendly and trendy! Looks amazing with a black pencil skirt.

However, my very favorite was this pink and white stripped dress! If you guys can get your hands on this dress do it!

Kimono/Open Abayas

One of my favorite all time trends is the open abaya! Very popular here in Dubai and I see it has been picking up everywhere! More specifically in America, UK, and Australia. What I find to be most elegant is when you pair the open abaya with a slip dress. Here are some ideas:

I am loving the slip dress that Zara and Nia wear here! They are made by an Australian designer, Asiyam Clothing, love both the white and pink colors!

And I am super loving this bottom fringed slip made by Inayah!

I hope you girls now have an idea on what you might wear for Eid! Be sure to post your Eid outfits and tag us @muslimahlife so we can repost your pics! Also, be sure to subscribe to our blog (on the right side of this page) for the latest news and trends in modest fashion!!

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