Where to shop trendy hijabi fashion in Dubai?

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Salaam Ladies! Who loves fashion is traveling to Dubai? Lots of people traveling to Dubai or who are new to Dubai always ask me where they can find hijabi friendly clothes, abayas and hijabs. So, I wanted to dedicate this blog post for this particular topic!

Dubai is trending to become one of the greatest places to shop especially for a hijabi. Yes, it is a little city but carries the best of everything in the fashion world. Many mainstream clothing stores provide a great amount of hijabi friendly clothes definitely more than I can find in the states. For instances, ZARA in the US does not carry as many dresses and skirts as does the one in Dubai. Clothes in Dubai just happen to be nicer in my opinion. Adding to that there is the abaya fashion that is trending even among celebs!

Below I have compiled a list of my favorite places in Dubai and what to find at each place.

Mall of the Emirates

Mall of the Emirates is my favorite place to shop. All my favorite stores are right next to each other so I don’t have to walk for hours to get to my next store (the problem with Dubai Mall). I usually start with Zara. I love Zara for everyday and work wear. They have plenty of casual skirts, work pants and even long blazers. Also, there is a nice selection of long sleeve, long blouses perfect for a on the run mom.

Next store is Mango. It is also very similar to Zara, however, what I do like is that they provide a beautiful range of long sleeve maxi dresses and dressy skirts that go perfect for any formal occasion. At times you can even find work skirts that come with a matching blazer. Super trendy and cute!

Koton is third on my list. It is a Turkish based store that offers plenty of trendy hijabi clothes. What they carry a lot of are skirts from casual to formal. Walking into that store you will be sure to fall in love with their skirt collection.

Bershka is my newest favorite store! They seriously have the cutest long sleeve long cardigans out there! In almost every color and they aren’t too pricey either! They also have long blazers that go nicely with pants and provide nice coverage! Super cute and trendy!

Some of my other favorite stores are Promod and H&M. Even though we do have Forever 21 in the Dubai I have completely stop shopping there. The quality of their clothing just does not last. Certain items at H&M as well are cheap quality, so I haven’t shopped there in while.

Souk Naif

Any tourist will completely fall in love with this place. It lies in the heart of old Dubai tucked away between very old buildings and very narrow roads. It is a bustling place providing accessories, clothes, bags, abayas, hijabs, perfumes, and bukhoor. For a person looking for hijab friendly clothing this is a place where you can find hijabs, abayas and kaftans. However, the quality of abayas are not the best here and definitely not suitable for everyday wear. However, they do attract plenty of people from western countries. You can find abayas here between $30-$50. Hijabs anything you can think of is stocked here, lace, chiffon, jersey, etc. However, the quality is not necessarily good. You can also pick up a huge range of very beautiful kaftans. Fancy sparkly ones and more casual ones.

Abu Hail Mall

Abu Hail Mall is also located in old Dubai near to the airport. Here is where you can find stores on end filled with Abayas. Abu Hail Mall definitely stocks the better quality abayas with very trendy designs. This is where some Emiratis tend to buy their abayas. Price range for abayas here are between $50-$130. However, I have yet to find abayas that are not black; something trending among the designer abayas(price range $300-$1500). Abu Hail also has my secret place for buying hijabs. There is one little store hidden between the abaya stores that sells all different kinds of hijabs. Prints and solids for formal and casual occasions as well. Material is crepe, chiffon, jersey, and viscose. Love it! I never walk out empty handed.

Abaya Mall

Abaya Mall is located in Mirdif. It is a suburb in Dubai mostly residential. This mall is similar to Abu Hail, providing various range of different abaya stores. However, Abaya mall is starting to carry more Emirati designer brands, more trendy and definitely great quality.

Central Souk in Sharjah

Central Souk in Sharjah opposite of the Gold Souk provides a great range of traditional clothing. You can find abayas, hijabs, kaftans, and prayer clothing here. Abaya quality isn’t the best and I find the styles to be old, something older women would like. Hijabs here they have a nice collection of new styles. I like to buy my chiffon silk hijabs from here. They also sell a nice range of kaftans.

That’s a brief list of places to shop for hijab friendly clothing in Dubai. I just realized that I missed a couple of places but I will just have to save that for another time. Hope all you readers get to visit and shop in Dubai! Follow me on insatgram @muslimahlife! for more fashion tips and hashtag #muslimahfashion for any of your latest hijab fashion to be featured! 

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  1. I've only been to MOE and Naif so will check out some of these other places... need some new hijabs! Thanks for this.

    1. You can check www.moomina.com to shop modest Abayas online..

    if you want to cooperations with us please contact me from here: olcay@ladyfer.com

  3. Can you tell me the name of the hijab shop in Abu Hail? I will be coming straight from the airport with only an hour or two and want to focus on hijab shopping.

    1. Not sure about the name. But as soon as you get into the mall take the escalator from the ground floor to the first floor. You will find the store on your right hand store. It's the only hijab store in the mall. The rest of the stores are all abayas. Also there is a store next to abaya mall outside called kashkha. It has some nice jersey hijabs.

    2. Thanks for your reply, Arwa. Does it sell khimars in anything but basic black?

    3. You can check www.moomina.com to shop modest Abayas online..

  4. I would like to thank you for taking the time sharing these informations, it would save me a lot of time during my short trip to Dubai

  5. Check www.DeenSquare.com, they have a good collection especially the Khimar

  6. You can check www.moomina.com to shop modest Abayas online..

  7. this post has plenty of good info! thanks for taking the time to post about Abayas in Dubai :)

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

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