The best 3 fabrics for hijab and where to get them!

Monday, January 19, 2015

The most important thing about wearing a hijab is to be comfortable in it. However, making it look stylish is the hard part! Here are my top three fabrics that make wearing a scarf easy and fashionable:

#1 Jersey

My number one favorite hijab fabric is jersey. It is perfect for everyday wear. It is a heavy and durable fabric. Also, it is easy to throw on without having to worry about pinning your scarf into place. In case your back may be showing or your shirt maybe to low no need to worry it will take care in covering everything. I wear the plain jersey hijabs for morning runs and everyday errands. For nights out and formal occasions, I have Swarovski beaded hijabs along the rim of the scarf. The fabric is so soft that you will not feel the heat in the summer nor feel cold in winter days. Jersey hijabs tend to be in plain colors, perfect to dress up with a heavily printed outfit. It is the perfect all year-all day wearing hijab!
  1. Arwa collection. They have plain colored premium quality jersey hijabs as well as pearl trimmed jersey wraps so simple and beautiful! 
  2. I love modesty  They have a large selection of jersey hijabs in various colors.
  3. Inayah The have some lovely jersey hijabs in pastel colors and a good selection of colors.

#2 Viscose

This is probably by far the softest lightweight yet durable hijab fabric out there. No need for a pin. It drapes around and sits pretty stable especially if you wear a puffy flower clip underneath! Gives you puffy hijab look. It is also perfect for hot summer days yet at the same time keeps you warm enough on cool winter days. Would not recommend wearing this fabric on fancy occasions. It is more suited for casual outfits. You can find this fabric in prints and plain colors. I do warn you though I found for some reason there are two types of viscose. Both say 100% viscose but one tends to be stiffer then the other. Check my photo for example. The print one is super soft and the plain green one is a bit stiffer. It is always good to get a feel for your hijab before you purchase it. Or you can kind of tell by looking at the pictures online.

  1.      aab collection. They have some lovely viscose hijab wraps. Colors are vibrant! Look very soft as well.
  2.      Hijab-ista. They don’t have a wide selection of colors, however, they look like they are the stiffer version of viscose.

#3 Chiffon 

Chiffon hijabs are simply elegant! They are very lightweight, silky and soft. They have an airy flowy feel to them—perfect for hot summer days. They also pair elegantly with black abayas. Wearing them in print can really bring out the beauty of the fabric, so I tend to buy all my chiffon scarves in print. Also, chiffon hijabs are perfect for work outfits—it adds a little pop to plain colored work attire, flowing well with silk or chiffon blouses. If you have the right print it can work well for fancy occasions but can be a bit tricky—you don’t want to make a fancy outfit look dressed down by your hijab. However, chiffon hijabs tend to be very slippery so you need to wear a cotton headpiece under so the chiffon hijab can sit stable on. I also recommend pinning the scarf around your head so that it can stay put!
  1. aab collection . They have chiffon in both print and solid colors. Very pretty designs. Their hijabs are hand dyed.
  2. Bulbul They have a large selection of both plain and printed chiffon scarves.
  3. Arwa collection. They have a luxury line of chiffon silk hijabs which come in plain colors. They also have a chiffon/polyester blend hijabs which are in print. Lovely prints. 
I would love to hear your reviews on the best and worst hijab fabrics! Please comment below! Also, if you have any other places you recommend buying hijabs from please mention below. Follow me on instagram and facebook to check for updates on my blog or subscribe to my blog by entering your email to the right of this page. Hashtag #muslimahfashion with a picture of your favorite hijab! Can't wait to see them.

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  1. I will try the chiffon hijab when I start work again. I want a new 'work look' so will invest in some new hijabs and try out some more formal styles. I just worry about chiffon slipping all over the place as i dont like too many pins!!!

    1. Check out my facebook page where you can buy high quality chiffon hijab 22 colors to choose from

      Marian Cloud

  2. I agree Jersey is my fav fabric for hijabs too

  3. I agree Jersey is my fav fabric for hijabs too

  4. Hafeeza Noor1/10/16, 10:59 PM

    EastEssence's hijab range has always worked for me. I have been shopping there since 2 years and have never felt the need to shop anywhere else other than EastEssence. You may have a look at their hijab range at

    For best jersey and viscose scarves.

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  7. It seems like there is different kinds of jersey, I think the one I ordered from online is lycra jersey which has polyster in it, and very hot.

  8. Dubai has a variety of hijab scarves!

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